Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Final Story DLC “Trespasser” Releasing Next Week

Following Jaws of Hakkon and The Descent, Trespasser will be the third and final single-player story DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, developer BioWare has announced. According to Creative Director, Mike Laidlaw, Trespasser is an epilogue that tells a new story set two years after the main game. He wrote:

The story explores what it’s like to be a world-saving organization when the world no longer needs saving. It’s a chance to meet and talk with old friends, to uncover a new threat, and ultimately decide the fate of the Inquisition you worked so hard to build. It might just contain hints about the future of Thedas, too.

In order to play Trespasser, players will need a character that has completed Inquisition‘s main storyline. The DLC will be out on September 8 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

In other DA:I news, BioWare has said that the upcoming patch for current-gen consoles and PC will include the following alongside some fixes.

The Golden Nug will let you sync your collectibles across games once you’ve completed Inquisition‘s main story. To explain how this works, Laidlaw wrote:

Head to the Skyhold Undercroft post game and click the new Golden Nug statue. After you’ve done that once, every game that’s both a) online and b) on the same platform will have a similar statue added to the Undercroft and Haven. Clicking on that statue will sync your current game. This sync is bi-directional and additive, which means that any collectibles will be added to the online collection, even if the character doing the clicking is pre-endgame. Also, each character that participates adds to your collection. The sync includes crafting schematics (including those acquired in DLC packs, as long as the packs are installed), potion recipes (but not upgrades), mounts, and Skyhold decorations.

We’re also told that Skyhold now has a wardrobe that comes with “about a dozen outfits of varying colors.” Once the patch goes live, head over to your bedroom to access them.

We’ll update our readers when we have more details about the update and its release date.