Drive!Drive!Drive! Races to PS4 & PS Vita in 2016

Calling it “the only racer to offer you the chance to race more than one track at the same time,” Drive!Drive!Drive! from developer Different Cloth is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in late 2016.

Featuring Artifical Idiocy that is powered by their Intelligent Stupidity engine, Gordon Midwood of Different Cloth talked about Drive!Drive!Drive!:

For the uninitiated: Drive!Drive!Drive! is a driving game about racing multiple tracks at the same time. It’s kind of a mixture of arcade racing and track management.

In Drive!Drive!Drive! you must race and manage multiple tracks at the same time. You are able to switch between the different tracks of a race any time you like. When you switch away from a track, a computer racer takes over driving on that track for you.

Unfortunately, the computer racers aren’t what you’d call competent. They are what you’d call incompetent. But in a clever way. In other words, to place well in every track you’re racing you’re going to have to hop from track-to-track on a regular basis to account for the subversively cretinous computer cars. Luckily for you your opponents have been programmed to severely lack in cognitive ability, too!

You’ll also find a track creator in Drive!Drive!Drive!, allowing you to create, play, and share your creations.

[Source: PS Blog]