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PAX Prime 2015 Impressions and Event in Pictures

PAX Prime 2015 was a busy, crowded, and noisy event, but that wasn’t actually a bad thing.

It was great to see so many game developers, and gamers, all in one place, even if I did get bumped into and jostled around a lot. There were so many lights flashing out of large, crazily-decorated booths, so many fun games to play, and so many incredible cosplayers that it was hard to focus on getting from one to place to another. But, despite all of those distractions, I did manage to talk to many different game developers and play a whole bunch of upcoming games, the previews of which you might have seen already on the site.

I was also able to take a variety of different pictures at the event, highlighting some of the booths and some of the people. I even made my way into some of the pictures (lucky you)!

While they don’t exactly capture the immensity of PAX Prime, take a look at them above and let us know what you think.