Frostbite Engine Technical Director Slams PS3’s Cell Processor

The PlayStation 3’s Cell Processor was a powerful piece of equipment, but it wasn’t all that easy to develop games for. In an impromptu conversation via Twitter, three industry members, including Frostbite Engine Technical Director Stefan Boberg, all verbally bashed the processor.

Boberg said that he believes the piece of technology slowed down the industry.

Meanwhile, duangle Co-Founder Leonard Ritter mentioned that it was marketed horribly, and Oculus VR Coder Tom Forsyth said that it was an “idiotic idea.”

While it might not have been the best processor, at least according to those developers, it did manage to run a whole bunch of great games. What are your thoughts on the PS3’s Cell Processor?

[Source: Stefan Boberg (Twitter), Leonard Ritter (Twitter), Tom Forsyth (Twitter) via NeoGAF]