Rocket League Season One Ranked Play Rules Detailed

Season One of Rocket League Ranked Play has started, and Psyonix Studios took to Reddit to explain how the rules have differed from the Preseason.

In three points, Psyonix said how RP and MMR are working in Season One:

1) You gain or lose points that are proportional to the difficulty of the match you played (based on MMR, not RP)

2) Your RP should “trend” towards your MMR. So, if for example, you’re “Bronze III” by RP but your MMR is matching you against “Silver II” players, you should gain extra RP via wins and lose less RP with losses until you end up near the “Silver II” division

3) RP is actually not involved in matchmaking at all, it is still controlled entirely by your hidden MMR

Psynoix also took the time to go through the problems this Season is facing, and how they will be fixed in the future:

1) We plan on implementing placement matches in the near future (most likely in Season 2)

2) We are restoring your hidden MMR Skills and Uncertainties to Preseason values, but with a minimum uncertainty (your skill never completely stagnates). This will improve matchmaking quality AND fix problems with your RP incorrectly “trending” towards your MMR. In other words, you’ll see fewer small RP gains and fewer large RP losses (We are doing this very SOON).

3) We are actively investigating re-seeding players into more accurate divisions. A 499 Preseason MMR player could instead be placed into Bronze III instead of Bronze I, for example. We will also be careful not to reduce anyone’s RP who has already climbed past where they would have been re-seeded (We are also doing this SOON).

Have you been playing any Ranked matches in Rocket League? What do you think about the changes?

[Source: Reddit]