TGS 2015: Watch the Full Sony Tokyo Game Show 2015 Press Conference Right Here, in English

If you missed the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia press conference prior to the Tokyo Game Show this week, PlayStation Japan has uploaded the entire thing to YouTube, allowing you to watch it in English.

Beginning at 30:30, the press conference includes many new game announcements, including Gravity Rush 2 and Gravity Rush Remastered, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, King of Fighters XIV, Toukiden 2Yakuza 6, and more. Additionally, you’ll see Sony officially name Project Morpheus as PlayStation VR, learn about the PlayStation 4 price drop in Japan, and see Bloodborne’s new expansion in action.

What did you think of Sony’s latest press conference? Do you think Paris Games Week and PlayStation Experience can top it?

[Source: PlayStation Japan (YouTube)]