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10 Reasons Why The Taken King Is the Best Time to Jump Back Into Destiny


It has been a strange first year for Destiny. There’s no doubt that the gunplay has always been a blast in Bungie’s latest shooter, but there were a lot of rough edges. From Peter Dinklage’s acting to the overall lack of content, there were a lot of reasons to be disappointed in what was otherwise a very good game.

However, Bungie has been hard at work in the past year. After two expansion packs — The Dark BelowHouse of Wolves — they’ve released the first huge add-on to Destiny called The Taken King. Set to turn even doubters into believers, there’s a lot of great additions and fixes to the Destiny formula. Here are 10 reasons why The Taken King is the perfect time to jump back into Destiny or to play it for the very first time!

We hope you enjoyed our look at 10 reasons why The Taken King is the best time to jump back into Destiny. Make sure to check back for our Destiny: The Taken King review in the coming days.

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be picking up Destiny: The Taken King and if you’re coming back to the game after a hiatus, or if you have been playing it for the entire first year.

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