Tales of Zestiria Will Run at a Constant 30fps on PS4, Is “In the Best Interest for the Players’ Experience”

With one month to go until Tales of Zestiria launches on October 16 in Europe and October 20 in North America for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC, Community Manager Isshak has answered some important performance questions about the game.

On PS4 and PC, Tales of Zestiria runs at a 1920×1080 resolution, features a draw distance twice what it is on PS3, and sees upgraded shadows, anti-aliasing, and textures.

As for frame-rate, Isshak confirms it will “run at a constant 30 frames-per-second” on all platforms because anything higher would have negatively impacted how Zestiria runs:

It’s now time to talk about the frame-rate; all versions of Tales of Zestiria will run at a constant 30 frames-per-second. Before you run off to the comment section, hear us out! The Tales of battle system has always been an integral part of the gameplay experience, and changing the frame-rate proved to have profound consequences on things like: animation, balance, difficulty, and overall fighting mechanics tuning. We do this in the best interest for the players’ experience!

Isshak also teased, “Look forward to a brand new trailer with PS4 gameplay very soon.”

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[Source: Tales of Blog via Siliconera]