Rainbow Six Siege Beta Main Issues Include 60% Chance to Start a Match, PS4 Update Detailed

Live today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, the Rainbow Six Siege beta may not provide a smooth experience for participants, with Ubisoft saying, “Please keep in mind that while we are seeing positive results from the technical test from the last few days, you will, at times, experience some connectivity and matchmaking problems.”

Over on the Rainbow Six website, Ubisoft points out some of the main issues encountered during the beta, which runs until September 28:

Main Issues (Matchmaking and Connectivity)

  • You have about a 60% chance to start a match successfully. Average awaiting time is 60 seconds.

If you’re not able to join a game under 90 seconds, we recommend you to quit the lobby and try again until you succeed.

  • Once you have played a full match, you will be automatically re-queued to join another match. When this occurs, matchmaking success rate is 10% to 20% lower.

If you’re re-queued and you don’t find a game in under 60 seconds, go back to game menu and start matchmaking again.

  • When trying to join a match as a full party, the percentage of success rate is lower than when joining a match as a single individual.
  • You might be faced with different error messages (error 50 being a recurrent one). We are currently investigating the nature and how to fix these errors. 

When facing these errors, we ask you to restart the game.

You may have also noticed that an update is available for the beta. Here’s what changed:

  • General matchmaking improvements (ALL PLATFORMS) – We’ve adjusted some of the rules and processes for matchmaking that should improve the overall experience.
  • Game Server update (ALL PLATFORMS) – Fixes a critical server crash
  • Renown adjustment (ALL PLATFORMS) – The rate at which Renown is gained has been adjusted to accomodate for the shorter duration of matches.
  • PS4 is now up to date w/ last patch (PS4) – Brings PS4 up to speed with the patch that was delivered for PC and XB1 yesterday, which included matchmaking improvements, relaxed Join in Progress rules, length of a match shortened to 5 rounds (beta only), the ability to start a match with 8 players in the lobby, and a better experience for Australian gamers.

For more on the Rainbow Six Siege beta, head over to the official forums.

Still need a beta code? Head over here before the test ends on September 28.

Rainbow Six Siege launches on December 1 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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