Rainbow Six Siege Emerald Plains

Rainbow Six Siege Heads to Ireland For Its First New Map in Three Years

Rainbow Six Siege may well have been released in 2015 but Ubisoft is still going strong with its seventh year of new content. The latest update for the game, patch Y7S1.2, has added the first new map to Rainbow Six Siege for three years, this time heading to Northern Ireland and the Emerald Plains.

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1.2 Update Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege Patch Y7S1.2 was released today, April 19, for PS5 and PS4. The main draw of the update is the brand new Emerald Plains map, the first new Rainbow Six Siege map for three years. Set in Northern Ireland, the Emerald Plains country club is a medium-sized map inspired by Bartlett and Border. The country club has two distinct floors: a modern bottom floor and a more classic mansion-style upper floor. The reason for the difference is to make it easier for players to orientate themselves and call out their location. Also, for those worried about equine companions, the stable is completely clear of innocent four-legged casualties. The new map will appear in Ranked, Unranked, Quick Match, Team Deathmatch, Newcomer, and Lone Wolf PVE map playlists.

The patch has also made several balancing changes to Operators; for example, Blackbeard now has Claymores instead of Breaching Charges. The number of Claymores players can hold at once has increased from one to two. Outback map has been removed from the Newcomer playlist, and there is new Field of View settings. A full list of changes and improvements can be found in the patch notes on the Ubisoft site.

In other news, the latest Elden Ring update has accidentally nerfed the Cerulean Hidden Tear, although FromSoftware has promised to fix it in a later minor patch. The patch has also stopped players from distributing unauthorized items. Elsewhere, Jet Set Radio and Crazy taxi are rumored to be getting a reboot as part of SEGA’s five-year Super Game plan.