Rainbow 6 Siege PS5, PS4 Anti-Cheat Successfully Banishes Mouse and Keyboard Users

Ubisoft’s Console Anti-Cheat Successfully Banishes Mouse and Keyboard Users

Ubisoft has announced that its Rainbow Six: Siege anti-cheat software has been very successful in punishing mouse and keyboard players on PS5 and PS4, among other platforms. Called MouseTrap, the anti-cheat program was deployed three months ago and has resulted in a whopping 78% reduction in spoofers.

Rainbow 6 Siege PS5 and PS4 anti-cheat may be deployed in future Ubisoft games

MouseTrap works by detecting mouse and keyboard use among console players, then adding extra lag to push cheaters to revert back to using a controller. Ubisoft says it was expecting a reduction of 30% to 50% in mouse and keyboard usage but ended up seeing a drop of 78%.

According to Ubisoft, penalizing players and giving them a chance to change their behavior is better than banning them outright. “We are able to confirm that this approach and new system has indeed contributed to a behavioral change,” the developer wrote. “Our data shows that after a first penalty, 43% of penalized players will continue to play the game without ever getting any further penalties.”

Considering its success, Ubisoft may consider adding a similar system to future multiplayer shooters. The developer has a free-to-player shooter, XDefiant, set to release this summer.