Batman Arkham Knight Update Today Adds DLC Support

September 29, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

Coming in at just over a reported 1GB, Batman: Arkham Knight update 1.08 is now available to download on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, paving the way for today’s new DLC: GCPD Lockdown and Crime Fighter Challenge Pack 2.

While the patch notes only say 1.08 adds “Support for additional content,” a user on Reddit suggests the new update includes new gadgets for the non-DLC allies:

Robin has the Explosive Gel back (but not Quickfireable, for some reason), along with the Remote Hacking Device. He also has Batman’s Special Combo Batarang Shuriken move now, but it seems to be glitchy – holding L2 will always use up your Special Combo meter, but 80% of the time he just seems to throw a regular, non-explosive Shuriken. On the bright side, they’ve fixed the glitch that would cause the combo to drop if you Quickfired the Bullet Shield.

Nightwing now has the REC (Quickfire L2 + Circle) and Voice Synthesizer, as seen in the trailer for GCPD Lockdown. He can also now use the Special Combo Batclaw and REC moves.

Catwoman has her Caltropes back (Quickfire L2 + Circle). Riddler robots seem to be immune, though.

EDIT: Seems these new gadgets only show up for the solo challenge maps, not in story mode or Dual Play challenges.

EDIT 2: I’m told that Robin’s glitchy Special Combo Shuriken aren’t actually new. Dunno if the same applies to Special Combo Batclaw for Nightwing.

EDIT 3: Catwoman has Thief Vision, which I’m told was also missing before?

In October, Arkham Knight will receive an update that brings character selection for AR combat challenge maps, while new DLC includes the Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Pack, Catwoman’s Revenge, and Crime Fighter Challenge Pack 3.

Just last week, an update to Arkham Knight added Big Head Mode.

Have you noticed any other changes with today’s patch?

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