Hunt Giant Space Creatures in Blacksea Odyssey, Coming to Consoles & PC in 2016

A procedurally generated top-down shoot ’em up with permadeath, Blacksea Odyssey from developer Team Blacksea Odyssey and publisher Mastertronic is coming to consoles (TBA) and PC in Spring 2016.

Playing as the cybernetic Old Man who has entered the Blacksea Odyssey, the deadliest competition in the galaxy, here’s what the developers say about Blacksea Odyssey:

Four of the bravest huntsmen compete in capturing bounties for the largest space creatures that exist! Only the sole champion of the competition is awarded the honour of encountering the Titan of the Stars! Legend says no one has ever lived to tell a tale about the Titan. Will the Old Man be the first?

Key Features

  • Rogue-Like Elements: Permadeath, procedurally generated levels, and a steep difficulty curve!
  • Massive Boss Battles: Hunt giant creatures over five times the size of your screen!
  • An Expansive Customization System: Arm yourself with a customized arsenal of rune-infused spears: Over a million possible rune builds!
  • Dynamic Combat: Fully destructible environments and a harpoon that can rip enemies apart!

An open alpha will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux this October.