Guitar Hero Live Trophy List Revealed, Devs Discuss the Hardest Songs to Play

Guitar Hero Live will be hitting stores in less than two weeks, but before it does, take a look at the game’s full Trophy list.

The music title will offer a total of 50 Trophies to unlock for both PlayStation 4 and PS3 versions of the game. A lot of the Trophies can be gained by getting a large number of points while playing songs, but take a look at the full list below:

In other Guitar Hero Live news, Activision and the official PlayStation Blog asked staff members at Freestyle Games, the developer of Guitar Hero Live, which songs they thought were the hardest. Check out a condensed version of their list below, or go to the PS Blog to see the whole list.

  1. Alter Bridge – “Cry of Achilles,” Nathan Coppard, Senior Game Designer
  2. Megadeth – “Hangar 18,” Aaron Grimes, Midi Designer
  3. Lamb of God – “Ghost Walking,” Mike McLafferty, Audio Designer

Which Guitar Hero Live Trophies are you most excited about getting in two weeks?

[Source: PlayStation Blog, Exophase]