Harmonix Doesn’t Believe Rock Band 4 Will Outsell Guitar Hero Live

Rock Band 4 just came out and Guitar Hero Live will be out in only two weeks, but Rock Band developer and publisher Harmonix isn’t too concerned about competition between the two games.

Speaking with Games Industry, Harmonix Co-Founder Alex Rigopulos explained that he doesn’t think Rock Band 4 will outsell Guitar Hero Live, and said that he’s “content” with that.

There’s not ambition or expectation that we will outsell Guitar Hero, that we’re going up against Activision, but we don’t need to. We can actually have a very healthy business serving a much more modest core, a small fraction of the people who played the game previously, and I think we’re perfectly content to do that.

What do you think of Harmonix’s attitude towards Guitar Hero Live? Which game (or games) will you be getting?

[Source: Games Industry via GameSpot]