PS4 JRPGs – A Look at Current and Upcoming Titles

Very few games require the time commitment that Japanese role-playing games command. It isn’t uncommon to spend over 100 hours on a game in the Disgaea or Persona series. Since these titles are such a time sink,  we’ve put together a list of PS4 JRPGs that are out now and coming in the future.

It’s worth noting that many games have RPG elements in them now, so you won’t be seeing any action games that blend genres such as Bloodborne or Kingdom Hearts on this list. We also left MMORPGs off the list, as they can be found in a separate article.

We hope you enjoyed our look at what PS4 JRPGs games are out and coming in the future. It sure is a great time to be a fan of role-playing games, and even more great games are coming out next year! We know many of our readers will be spending 100s of hours on titles such as Persona 5 and Final Fantasy XV!

Let us know in the comments what PS4 JRPGs titles you are currently playing, and if any of the upcoming titles interest you.

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