Rainbow Six Siege Will Be Heavily Supported “For at Least One Year,” Single-Player Mode Is Called Situations

With Rainbow Six Siege releasing on December 1 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Ubisoft brought out a new fall 2015 gameplay trailer today, carrying this description:

Team Rainbow is bound to no single nation when combating global terrorism. Representing the best tactical Operators from around the world, they are the united force against a rising tide of global crises. Using the best weapons and gadgets available today, they execute their missions with surgical precision and have unprecedented success in the field. A hostage situation in Courchevel. A bomb disarming in Los Angeles. A terrorist takedown in Hamburg. No matter the situation, Team Rainbow always stands at the ready.

We learned last month that Rainbow Six Siege wouldn’t have a traditional single-player story mode. Now, IGN has confirmed that the single-player consists of missions called Situations, which allow you to play alone.

There will be a total of 11 Situations in Siege, with IGN saying, “They serve as helpful introductions to the different operators you’re able to use in multiplayer, and also highlight some of the gameplay mechanics such as breaching and defending in live-fire combat situations.”

Over on the PlayStation Blog, Community Developer Chase Straight talked about the importance of destruction in Siege:

Destruction isn’t just a neat, aesthetic feature in Rainbow Six Siege — it lies at the heart of the gameplay. Using breach charges and other tools on walls and floors allow you to surprise, trap, and create lines of sight on your opponents.

The RealBlast engine enables us to provide procedural destruction, so surfaces will never break the same way twice. In the same sense, maps will be different every time you play depending on how you destroy and mold them throughout the course of the round.

Ubisoft also plans on supporting Siege for at least one year, with all post-launch maps releasing for free:

By going all-in with a focus on providing a great online multiplayer experience, we made a commitment to treating our game as a service and investing in it for the long term. Our vision was not a game that you’d play through and “beat,” but something you’d come back to time and again and grow with.

In order to do that, we will be heavily supporting the game for at least one year with regular balancing and tweaks. New maps will be free for everyone, and we’ll be releasing the full details of our post-launch support soon on the Rainbow Six dev blog.

Are you getting Siege on December 1?

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