Transformers: Devastation Performance Review – Frame Rate and Resolution Provides a “True, Locked 1080p60 Experience”

It seems games these days run at either 60 frames-per-second or at 1080p resolution, but very rarely both. When a title does manage to check both of these tech spec boxes, it’s always a treat.

Platinum Games has nailed the ’80s look of the Generation 1 Transformers show, the visuals of which have allowed for a smoother experience at higher resolutions across all platforms.

Thanks to the handiwork of Digital Foundry, we can see that Transformers: Devastation rocks both the high 1080p resolution and smooth 60fps frame rate on the PS4 version. The PC platform offers similar visuals, with the cel-shaded textures matching the PS4, albeit with slightly smoother shadows. The Xbox One’s frame rate is less consistent, often dropping below 60fps during intense fight scenes. 

Overall, the PlayStation 4 version is almost flawless, with only an “unusual screen distortion” and chromatic aberration, which causes the camera to shake during combat, tainting the gameplay a little. 

What do you think of Transformers: Devastation‘s performance? Should more games prioritise 1080p60 for a better gaming experience?

[Source: Eurogamer]