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Spice Up Your PS4 With These Lovely New Themes by Truant Pixel

Folks over at Truant Pixel have been working on some awesome PlayStation 4 themes, which you can check out in the gallery below. Out now are the Hanami and Crystal Clock themes, with Christmas Cottage and Cozy Cottage to follow early November. 

Inspired by cherry blossoms in Japan, the Hanami theme (seen in the video above) features a dynamic day-night cycle set in a full 3D environment, with constantly shifting lighting conditions. In a press release, Truant Pixel said:

Together, these create five unique set-pieces which include dawn, midday, dusk, night, and midnight scenery. Random flurries of cherry blossoms, a swarm of fireflies, distant birdcalls and the gentle roar of the shifting mountain winds are added touches that further bring the evolving landscape to life. Content screen icon customization features traditional Japanese ink-wash painting, or sumi-e (墨絵), on shōji (障子), translucent paper windows.

Hanami costs $2.99 on the US PSN store, and is available here.

Next up is the awesome Crystal Clock theme, a fully functioning, real-time geometric timepiece that features “evolving luminescent color highlights, which shift through the full visible spectrum over the course of a 24-hour period, viewed through a dynamic cycling camera.” This $0.99 theme (previewed in the video below) is described as follows:

The color spectrum shifts demonstrated in the following preview occur at an accelerated rate for demonstration purposes. Crystal Clock’s color elements change gradually over the course of a 24 hour period, based on the precise time of day, with warm colors in the AM, cool colors in the afternoon, evening and nighttime. 

(Note: The time shown in the upper right-hand corner is not accurate, as it was disabled on the test kit when capturing this time lapse video. The clock, of course, keeps actual time)

You can grab Crystal Clock here.

The Christmas Cottage theme can be previewed in the gallery and video below, but isn’t available for purchase at the moment. This, along with the Cozy Cottage theme (preview not available) will cost $0.99 each. Christmas Cottage is a dynamic theme that will evolve over the month of December.

Beginning with a peaceful cottage on a snowy moonlit hillside, real-time snowfall accumulates over the course of the month. Christmas lights, a wreath, and even a snowman will appear. On the last week of December, the perspective of the theme shifts dramatically, to reveal the scene in its entirety enclosed within an antique snow globe. In addition, confetti and fireworks herald in the new year. A non-denominational winter holiday “Cozy Cottage” theme will be released simultaneously alongside “Christmas Cottage”. The themes are nearly the same, but with slight variations on the holiday message.

If you’re interested in Truant Pixel’s work, make sure to read through the interview we held with them back in September.