Megaton Rainfall Lets You Play as a Superhero in First-Person on PS4 & PS VR Next Year

Unveiled earlier this year for other platforms, Megaton Rainfall from developer Pentadimensional Games is releasing in 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

In development for three years, Megaton Rainfall is a first-person superhero game where you can travel around an entire real-sized Earth, complete with procedurally-generated cities and terrain, and full destructibility of every building you see on the horizon.

Developer Alfonso del Cerro talked about the premise of Megaton Rainfall:

You control an interdimensional, indestructible super being, and your goal is to stop an alien invasion by shooting energy blasts. You can’t die… But the cities have life bars, and if you let the aliens destroy them, you lose! You also lose if you unintentionally kill too many humans, because every time you miss your target you can make a skyscraper collapse! And that’s just with your first weapon; you will acquire more superpowers throughout the game.

According to del Corro, “People who have played the VR version of Megaton Rainfall at GDC, EGX, and MGW loved the sense of speed and scale that the game conveys.”

[Source: PS Blog]