Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition DLC Items Won’t Be Handed Out Right Away

Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition just came out today, and although it contains all the original game’s downloadable content, a slight change in how the DLC weapons are distributed was made.

Unlike in the last-gen versions of the action game, the DLC weapons in Deathinitive Edition have to be obtained as loot, rather than just being handed out at the beginning of the game. Darksiders Community Manager megalomaniacNG explained why:

A lot of users reached out to us about the DLC items that were in previous versions available right from the start.

We came to the conclusion that this was balance wise not a good move and therefore we distributed these weapons as loot but the items are available and don’t need to be purchased separately.

If you’re wondering, the list Darksiders 2 DLC includes:

– Maker Armor Set

– The Abyssal Forge

– The Demon Lord Belial

– Death Rides

– Angel of Death

– Deadly Despair

– Shadow of Death

– Mortis Pack

– Rusanov’s Axe

– Van Der Schmash Hammer

– Fletcher’s Crow Hammer

– Mace Maximus

– Argul’s Tomb

Did you purchase the game today?

[Source: PS Store, Darksiders Forum]