Indivisible Prototype Now Available to Download for Free on PS4

Already available for Windows, Mac, and Lunix, the Indivisible prototype is now available to download for free through the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 4 in North America.

For those of you in Europe, developer Lab Zero Games said, “Still awaiting final confirmation on when the #IndivisibleRPG prototype will be released in the EU – hopefully early next week!”

Here’s what Lab Zero had to say about the prototype on the Store page:

Indivisible is an action-packed new RPG from developer Lab Zero, creators of the critically acclaimed Skullgirls!

This prototype beta will give you an early look at Indivisible’s gameplay. This is a small taste of what we have in store for you in the final version, but representative of the direction we want to take the game.

We can’t make this game without your support! If you enjoy the prototype, please consider contributing to the crowdfunding campaign.

They added in the video description:

Currently crowdfunding, this playable prototype is a fun and polished taste of what the full game will be like when development is completed.

Think of it as the first tutorial dungeon in an RPG – you’ll get a sense of how Indivisible plays, but all the gameplay mechanics and other elements haven’t been introduced yet. But don’t let that fool you – there’s also a New Game+ mode and a secret boss to be found! Sporting Lab Zero’s trademark feature-quality 2D animation and a stunning soundtrack from Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta, Indivisible will be as beautiful as it is fun.

Seeking a $1.5 million funding goal on Indiegogo, things aren’t going particularly well for Indivisible, sitting at $588,000 with 12 days left.