Skullgirls Developer Announces Indivisible, an Action RPG Inspired by Valkyrie Profile and Super Metroid

Developed by Lab Zero Games (Skullgirls), Indivisible is a new action/RPG that was inspired by games like Valkyrie Profile and Super Metroid, but adds the “unique characters and gameplay depth Lab Zero is known for.”

Starring Ajna (Ahzh-na), a girl who sets out on a globe-spanning journey to discover the truth behind her mysterious powers, Indivisible sees her joined by a variety of heroes and gaining new abilities while exploring the environments and defeating enemies.

The description adds:

In addition to a fresh spin on action/RPG gameplay, Indivisible features a deep storyline inspired by southeast Asian and other world mythologies, Lab Zero’s trademark feature-quality 2D hand-drawn animation, and a lush soundtrack from legendary Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta.

The official Twitter account said, “We expect the [crowdfunding] will start in early September. Playable prototype will be out around then, with [Skullgirls] backers first.”

No platforms were announced for Indivisible.

[Source: Indivisible (Facebook)]