Alone With You Pushed to Spring 2016 on PS4 & PS Vita

Announced last year with a 2015 release date, Alone With You for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita has been pushed to spring 2016, director Benjamin Rivers (Home) announced today.

“So when can you finally get your hands on Alone With You?” he said. “Spring 2016 — a little later than I’d originally planned, but it’s the perfect time for a brand new story of love and adventure.”

A single-player, sci-fi adventure game with a unique romantic element, Alone With You has you constantly interacting with, and relying on, your AI companion as you play through the game’s 12+ missions, all while trying to escape a doomed terraforming colony in space.

After saying that “sometimes even the smallest decision can have unexpected consequences,” Rivers talked about the four deceased people you can interact with: Winnie Laurier, the colony’s comms expert; Pierre Tong, its genius director; Leslie Bharadwaj, the Agro-Domes chief, and Jean Lumumba, the facility’s resource manager.

Using the colony’s holo-sim chamber, you’ll visit these people as you complete your missions, learning more about the colony and their personal lives. Choosing who to spend extra time with, Rivers adds, “And as with Home, this is a story that you control — what you do within the various missions affects these “dates” and vice versa. Alone With You is a game that listens to you as much as you listen to it.”

If you’re going to PlayStation Experience in December, Alone With You will be playable.

[Source: PS Blog]