PUBG Update

PUBG PS4 Will Get a Revamped Mirimar and Vending Machines in October

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is about to get a substantial update on October 29, 2019, giving players lots of new features to enjoy. The multiplayer battle royale will kick off Season 5, and PUBG Corporation will be start things off with a Mirimar refresh and vending machines. Most notably, update 5.1 will add a racetrack, complete with various loops, jumps, and signboards, to Mirimar. As for those vending machines, they’ll stock Energy Drinks and Painkillers.

The update’s full patch notes can be found below:

Miramar Update

Miramar, refreshed

  • A LA Muerte Vamos Track
    • A race track has been added, which was the venue for A La Muerte Vamos in Miramar.
    • You can now find newly added objects like ramps, loops, jumps and signboards across Miramar
  • New Gold Mirado
    • A Gold Mirado has been added to Miramar, which can only be found parked at the garage in Hacienda del Patron.
    • Some terrain in Hacienda del Patron has been adjusted to let you ride the Gold Mirado out safely.
    • Only one Gold Mirado spawns each match.
  • Spring-cleaned Miramar
    • Removed some small objects and trash in and around buildings to reduce clutter and make movement easier when looting.

Improved Miramar item spawn balance

  • The spawn rates of weapons and scopes effective at long-range have been increased to better suit the long-range engagements commonly had across Miramar.
    • AR – 12% increase
    • DMR – 29% increase
    • SR – 42% increase
    • Win94 – 30% increase
    • Scopes – 18% increase
  • Pistol spawn rate reduced by 31%.
  • The spawn rates of helmets, bags and vests has been increased slightly.

Vending Machine

“Does anyone need a drink?”

  • Vending machines have been placed in Miramar and Camp Jackal to provide a new looting experience other than picking up items spawned on the floor.
    • You can get Painkillers and Energy Drinks from Vending Machines.
    • Vending machines are only available in Miramar and Camp Jackal.
      • In Miramar, vending machines spawn randomly at set locations.
        • Locations: Arenas, Casino, gas stations, Motels and commercial buildings.
      • In Camp Jackal, Vending Machines always spawn at the warehouse and gas station.
    • If you’re lucky, Vending Machines can dispense many Energy Drinks at once.
  • Be careful when you use the vending machine as cover. The vending machine is protected by cutting-edge anti-theft technology, and any attempt to damage the machine may expose your location to the enemy!

Survivor Pass: Badlands

“Your Fight. Your Story. Your Battlegrounds”

The Survivor Pass is back with new rewards, missions, and improved systems! Do not miss the new community missions where players can join together to discover the hidden story of Miramar!

Community Mission System

Whether you have purchased Premium Pass or not, all players can join together to fill the Community accomplishment gauge, then claim in-game skin rewards and unravel the hidden story of Miramar.

The mission gauge can be filled by finding new mystery collectibles on the Battlegrounds.

  • Players who find and open special Cardboard Boxes will be able to loot one of the 3 different objects.
  • When collected, they are reflected on the Community mission accomplishment gauge as follows:
    • Disc piece: Counts as 1 point toward Community Missions Goal
    • Broken disc: Counts as 2 points toward Community Missions Goal
    • Old DVD: Counts as 3 points toward Community Missions Goal
  • You can check how many discs you have in the inventory.
  • Check your contribution points to the community missions from the community mission tab of Survivor Pass.

Season Missions

  • There are two tracks of Season Missions: Melee and Badlands.
    • Melee Track: Combined missions consisting of 2 missions each (4 missions in total) using melee weapons, which reward 2 melee weapon skins.
    • Badlands Track: Combined missions consisting of 4 missions each (8 missions in total), which reward 2 Miramar related skins.

Progression Missions

  • Progression Missions give a great amount of XP progressing through missions throughout Season 5. It’s composed of 3 mission tracks and one track for achieving certain milestones.
    • Track 1, 2: A series of 10 missions with gradually increasing difficulty, open for all players.
    • Track 3: A series of 12 mission with gradually increasing difficulty for players with the Premium Pass.
    • Milestone: Missions for reaching certain achievements related to daily, weekly and challenge missions.
      • Example: Complete 100 total daily missions

Challenge Missions

  • These are high-level challenge missions with which reward using designated weapons.
    • First mission of each track: Whether you have purchased Premium Pass or not, earn a t-shirt reward by achieving certain Survivor Pass levels (5, 10, 15, 20, 25).
    • Second mission of each track: Complete weapon specific missions while wearing the t-shirt obtained from the first mission.
    • Remaining missions in each track: Various weapon specific missions.

Level-up items for Premium pass mission rewards

  • Added level-up items for one of premium pass mission rewards.
  • These items are non-marketable, and they will be activated when the next season (Season 6) starts.

Survivor Title System

Survivor Title System Season 5 arrives with changes to the Survivor Points(SP) system.

  • Rewards for Survivor Title System Season 4 will be granted at the beginning of Season 5.
  • SP will be soft-reset, with your performance in Season 4 counting towards your starting SP in Season 5.
  • Survival Point rebalance:
    • Beginner (1 point) ~ Expert (5000 points)
      • To enable players to climb titles easier, we have increased the amount of SP gained each match.
      • In this SP bracket, players are not able to lose points, just like previous season.
    • Survivor (Over 6000 points)
      • For players of Survivor rank, considering both kills and placement, if placing in the bottom 30% overall in a match, some SP will be lost.
      • SP cannot be lowered below 6000.

Developers Note: After observing the current system, we’ve found that players can achieve Lone Survivor rank by simply playing many matches, even with poor results. Therefore, from Season 5, we have introduced a system where Survivor or higher ranked players will have SP deducted in each match they perform poorly. We hope that this new system will better represent Survivor and Lone Survivor ranks as accomplished titles for players who work so hard to achieve them.


“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a pan.”

Win94 reborn

  • Win94 will now come automatically equipped with an irremovable 2.7x scope. Other specs have not changed.
  • Win94 is now a Miramar exclusive weapon.

Added feature to throw items to teammates

  • Added feature allowing players to throw certain requested items to teammates.
  • When a teammate requests healing or ammo items through radio messages (mouse wheel) an icon will appear above their head, prompting teammates to throw the requested items to them by pressing the interact button (F)
  • Items can be thrown a maximum of 15m.
    • While running, or in a difficult to reach position, teammates may be unable to throw items to your location and the items will instead fall nearby.
  • Items thrown to you by teammates will be placed directly into your inventory.
    • If your inventory is full, the items will be dropped on the ground at your feet.

Added melee weapon throwing combat feature

  • You can now use all melee weapons as a throwable tool to attack your enemies.
  • Multiple melee weapons now stack in your inventory, allowing you to carry multiple at once.
  • There are two different melee damage categories when thrown.
    • Machete, Crowbar, Sickle: The maximum throwing distance is 40m and damage will decrease from 75 to 25 based on the distance.
    • Pan: The maximum throwing distance is shorter than other melee at only 30m but the damage range is 90 to 40 based on distance.
  • To inflict the most damage, you must hit within 15m. Damage will begin to drop off from 15-30/40m distance.
  • From within 15m distance, one melee throw to the head can kill enemy players without helmets.
  • Press RMB while holding a melee weapon and then press LMB to throw.
    • A trajectory arc will be shown when aiming, like with grenades.

Erangel Specific Changes

  • Red Zones are no-longer spawned after Phase 3.
  • Vehicle spawn rates have been increased slightly on regular and mountain roads.


Improved Customize UI

  • Categories have been unified by item type and a filter feature has been added, allowing for a detailed look at each item type.
  • You can check multi-slot(Top+bottoms, Hair+face, etc) items from individual categories as well as multi-slot category.
  • Reflecting the player feedback that it’s difficult to click the back button, the size and location of the button has been adjusted for an easier click.
  • When you acquire one or more new items, the highest category (e.g. wardrobe, weapon, gear) now shows the number of acquired items and the sub category (e.g. head, torso, legs, feet) shows a yellow marker when new items are in your inventory.

Improved Store UI

  • When you don’t have enough in-game currency to buy items, it now shows you a button to move to the charging page instead of the purchase button.

Improved In-game UI

  • Firing mode display has been improved for a more detailed view of ammo information.
  • In-game key guide icon has been improved.
  • In the system menu, a new animation has been added while mousing over certain options.
  • Some on-screen text displayed in Training Mode has been changed to better fit the mode.


  • Cities in Erangel have been optimized to improve some hitching and freezing issues.
  • Physics engine of vehicles has been optimized to improve client and server performance.


  • Driving sound volume has been reduced for some vehicles.
    • UAZ, Bike, Motorbike w/ Sidecar, Snowbike, Mirado, Zima, Minibus and BRDM-2
  • The audible range, frequency and volume of the insect buzzing sound heard in and around some buildings has been reduced.
  • The volume of water-related ambient sounds. including wave and river sounds, has been reduced.
  • The sound of Ledge Grab on wooden and metal objects has been changed to better fit the material.

Custom Match

Added new limited presets to Zombie Mode

In addition to the improved basic Zombie Mode from the last patch, we have added a variety of fresh and exciting settings to the Zombie Mode.

  • Zombie Elimination: Humans who succumb to their zombie attackers will become zombies themselves in this variation of Zombie mode.
    • Only one team can be Human with all others playing as Zombies
    • Humans get infected when attacked by a zombie. When infected character is killed, the character turns into a zombie after a certain amount of time.
  • Zombie Survival: Survive the chaos for as long as you can and bring home a win for the humans by staying alive until the time limit runs out.
    • Time limit activated. Human wins when any human survivor is still alive when the timer is completed.
    • Humans get infected when attacked by a zombie. When an infected character is killed, the character turns into a zombie after a certain amount of time.
    • Zombies can respawn.
  • Zombie Royale: Classic PUBG Battle Royale with the addition of survivors becoming zombies on the occasion of their deaths.
    • The person who survives in the end will be the winner based on the Battle Royale rules.
    • Rules on the circle and spawn setting are equivalent to the public match
    • All players are infected as soon as it touches down on the ground. So, when a player is killed, the player will turn into a zombie and the player can rejoin the match one more time.
  • Only Official PUBG Partners can create games with these new presets, so please enjoy the new zombie mode with your favorite PUBG Partners!

Added ground respawn to War Mode (Platoon battle option) and War Mode: Conquest

In War Mode (Platoon battle option) and War Mode: Conquest, there was no movement path or front line created, even though these modes are about 1:1 battles between two teams.  Because spawning from the plane made it difficult to play strategically, we’ve added an option that allows you to spawn right from the ground without parachuting, and to be respawn on the ground after death.

  • Choosing “Platoon Battle” in the battle scale option, players will be spawned on the ground by default.
  • There are now 4 options provided for respawn types, including the original ‘air dropping’ option. Here are the 3 newly added options:
    • Death location
      • Option that respawns you on the location you died after a certain amount of time.
    • Starting location
      • Option that respawns you on the preset starting location a certain amount of time after you die.
    • Selected respawning location
      • Option that respawns you on the selected location after you die. The location can be selected at any time during gameplay from the starting location / teammate / the occupied location.
      • If the selected occupied location goes unoccupied and thus becomes unselected, the respawn location automatically changes to the closest occupied location or the starting location.
      • If the selected teammate dies and becomes unselected, the respawn location automatically changes to the starting location.
    • Only Official PUBG Partners can create games with these new presets, so please enjoy the new spawning rules with your favorite PUBG Partners!
  • Respawn time can be set as you want in the option.

Added an option to limit throwables amount in Custom Match

  • Host can set the maximum amount of throwables per player from the option in the Custom Match.

Improved observing UI

  • Improved name layouts, team lists, kill feeds, and player lists UIs.


In celebration of the PUBG Global Championship to be held this November, we’ve made added various themed elements to the game! There will be a special change to the in-game lobby during the PGC 2019 season, check it out!

For detailed information about PUBG Global Championship 2019, please visit the official PUBG Esports website.

  • Added PUBG Global Championship decals, billboards in Miramar,
  • Added a PGC 2019 plane banner.
  • We’ve finished work on the Erangel Hall of Fame located north of Shelter
    • Added many elements to celebrate moments from the PUBG Global Invitational 2018. We may even add more special elements to the Hall of Fame in future, so check back every once in awhile.
  • Adjusted light balance of Vikendi to reduce overall glare.

Replay System

  • The replay system has been updated. Replay files from previous updates are now unavailable for use.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with constant collision noises when a vehicle is stationary against objects/terrain.
  • Fixed visual issue with specific coat skin moving abnormally while in the lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons do not spawn in player’s inventory in War Mode and War Mode: Conquest settings when certain equipment kits are selected.
  • Fixed an issue where frame drop occurs intermittently in Training mode.
  • Fixed an issue where dynamic weather effects would disappear for players who had when reconnected to a match after disconnecting.
  • Fixed an issue where walking through certain water puddles produced no footstep sounds.
  • Fixed an issue where the chambering animation did not reflect the number of loaded bullets when cancelling the S1897 reload.
  • Fixed an issue where melee weapon damage was not applied to vehicles.
  • Fixed an issue when spectating which caused backpack and vest status to appear incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where players are sometimes unable to hear their own crouched footsteps while barefoot and moving in a puddle.
  • Fixed visual issue affecting character’s feet look when wearing Leo Jumpsuit and Ghillie Suit together.

Recently, PUBG enabled cross-play functionality, allowing players from all platforms to play with one another. It has done well during its lifespan, selling millions of copies on consoles and PCs.

What do you make of PUBG’s upcoming 5.1 update? Let us know!