PUBG’s Latest Update Finally Adds Crossplay for Consoles

PUBG’s Update 4.3 has officially gone live, adding new features, additional weapons, and a slew of gameplay tweaks. While all of the above is incredibly exciting, nothing can quite match the anticipation surrounding cross platform play’s debut. Once PS4 and Xbox One players download Update 4.3, they’ll be able to join matchmaking sessions with players across both systems.

PUBG Corporation shared news of the update’s launch on one of the game’s Twitter accounts:

Crossplay has been a long time coming, especially since PUBG is considered the battle royale breakout. A cross party feature doesn’t yet exist, though. However, according to Update 4.3’s patch notes, PUBG Corp does plan on implementing cross party functionality in the future.

The crossplay-related patch notes are listed down below:

Cross Platform Play:

  • Players can now be matched with players from the other console platform with Cross Platform Play.
    • Cross party feature which allows players to party up with players from different platform is currently not supported.
    • Cross party feature is scheduled to be developed and details will be shared at a later date.
  • Cross Platform Play option can be turned on/off in “Settings – Gameplay – General Settings.”
  • If a match cannot be found after a certain time with Cross Platform Play option “off”, players will be prompted if they want to switch the Cross Platform Play option “on.”

Platform Identification Icon:

  • Players playing on the same platform will show the platform logo in front of their ID when played on Cross Platform Play option “on”.
  • Players will be able to identify the platform of other users in loot box, when spectating, on user status message, etc.


  • The leaderboard will be shown differently depending on the status of the Cross Platform Play option.
    • Cross Platform Play option on: Leaderboard will show both console platform players
    • Cross Platform Play option off: Leaderboard will show only the players from the same platform

As previously noted, crossplay isn’t all the 4.3 patch brings to the table. Survival Title System Season 4 has also arrived, bringing with it the new feature Survival Mastery, a “progression system where players increase levels by gaining XP based on the players’ survival patterns.” The latest update introduces the DBS, as well. As a double barrel pump-action shotgun, the DBS looks as if it will pack a heavy punch.

Update 4.3 additionally adds new shop items, changes to the featured map, a host of gameplay tweaks, and so much more. PUBG fans can visit the game’s website for a full rundown on everything they have to look forward to. Spoiler: The additions are unbelievably extensive.

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