PUBG Battlegrounds free to play

PUBG is Now Free-to-Play and Adds Better Training Options for New Players

PUBG: Battlegrounds, the battle royale game that kickstarted an entire genre, has finally gone free-to-play today. The transition has meant a major game update too, which has introduced the brand new BATTLEGROUNDS Plus premium account upgrade, better training options for new players, Tactical Gear, and more.

What’s in the PUBG Update 15.2 patch notes?

The latest PUBG: Battlegrounds update arrived today, adding new in-game items and a range of training options for new and returning players. Developer PUBG Corp had been thinking about a free-to-play model for a while but finally revealed the change at The Game Awards in December.

Update 15.2 introduces Tactical Gear, items that can be equipped in the primary weapon slot but offer extra strategic options instead. This includes the Drone that can scout an area of 300 meters and pick up items without putting its operator in the direct line of fire. There’s also the EMT Gear that can heal the operator and their team mates but with the disadvantage of reduced combat flexibility.

For new players, there are two new tutorial modes. The first is Basic Training Mode where five stages of tutorials introduce the main game mechanics like movement, looting, firing weapons, using throwables and healing items, and revives. The second mode is AI Training Match which pits a player against 99 AI survivors in a battle royale match, complete with hints and tips throughout. After these two modes are completed, extra tutorial missions accessed from the lobby will introduce extra game modes and features, as well as offering rewards for their completion.

The update also adds a new Action Queue feature, screen ping markers, and the new BATTLEGROUNDS Plus premium account options. The full patch notes can be seen on the PUBG: Battlegrounds website.

In other news, Sony has ordered UK retailers to remove all PlayStation Now cards, hinting further at a Project Spartacus style service that combines PlayStation Now and PlayStation plus. Elsewhere, the Motorstorm Game Director has left Lucid Games for Firesprite, fueling rumors that he will now be directing the Twisted Metal reboot.