Twisted Metal Game Director

Rumor: Motorstorm Director Joins Firesprite to Direct Twisted Metal Reboot

Motorstorm Game Director Matt Southern has joined Firesprite Games as a Game Director on an unknown title. However, as Southern has left Lucid Games, rumors are that he has joined Firesprite as Game Director on the Twisted Metal reboot that was transferred between the two studios at the end of last year.

Why Southern is working on the Twisted Metal reboot

Southern had been working at Lucid Games since 2019 as a Game Director on their free-to-play vehicular combat title Destruction AllStars. The studio had also been reported to have been working on an “unannounced first-party flagship AAA IP for the PlayStation 5” that many had claimed was the Twisted Metal reboot, but this was suddenly and unexpectedly transferred to Firesprite at the end of last year. Southern has seemingly followed the reboot to its new developer, although as ResetEra member Toumari spotted, he has only confirmed on his LinkedIn profile that he is a Game Director on an unspecified project. Sony has yet to officially announce a new title in the Twisted Metal franchise.

His previous work also includes four of the five Motorstorm games, starting on Motorstorm as Product Manager and finishing as a Studio Game Director on Motorstorm R.C. He stayed at Sony Computer Entertainment to work on Evolution Studios’ last title, DriveClub, before the studio was closed by Sony. While there were stints at Ripstone and Mint Games creating titles in other genres, he returned to vehicular combat titles when he joined Lucid Games.

In other news, the continued shortage of components to make PS5 consoles has reportedly resulted in Sony continuing production of their PS4 consoles. Elsewhere, the latest Call of Duty: Vanguard update has introduced an Attack on Titan crossover with a new costume, weapons and finishing move.