Sony Firesprite’s PS5 Exclusive Horror Game Might Release by 2025

There appear to be fresh details of Firesprite’s PS5 exclusive game thanks to a concept artist’s resume. We may have a clue as to the game’s release window.

Firesprite going big on horror

Agnes Hvalstad is currently employed as a concept artist at Sumo Digital Newcastle but previously had the same job at Firesprite Sony Studio between June 2022 and April 2023.

The section for the job at Firesprite mentioned working on a TBA AAA Project with a release date of 2025. When that was picked up on ResetEra, the year changed to 2023. But the evidence was captured, as you can see below.

It could be an unfortunate typo on the work duration rather than an actual release window, but the job began in 2022.

Firesprite is working on various projects, most notably a PS5-exclusive dark horror game (which is what Hvalstad worked on) which was described in a job listing as a narrative-driven AAA horror adventure, which is being developed using Unreal Engine 5. Still, it’s also been reported it could be handling a Twisted Metal reboot and a PvP shooter. It previously helped out on the PSVR2 game Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Before being acquired by Sony in 2021, Firesprite was known for creating the PSVR horror game The Persistence.

If 2025 is accurate, we could see the game revealed next year.