Twisted Metal New Game Developer

Twisted Metal Reboot Developer Suddenly Changed Before It’s Even Announced

A Twisted Metal reboot is one of the gaming industry’s worst kept secrets at the moment. The project was rumored to be in progress at Lucid Games, the developer behind Destruction AllStars, but now the latest rumors from VGC have claimed development has switched to a “recently acquired” first-party PlayStation Studio. Sony has yet to even officially announce the game.

Who Makes Twisted Metal Now?

The “recently acquired” first-party team that is now developing the Twisted Metal reboot is “almost certainly” Firesprite Studio according to Push Square. The new developer is currently recruiting for people to help create a multiplayer game and it is hoped the reboot will arrive alongside the live action Twisted Metal TV series in the works at PlayStation Productions.

Lucid Games was working on an “unannounced first-party flagship AAA IP for the PlayStation 5” but they were removed from this project (which is widely assumed to be the Twisted Metal reboot) late last year. The change was “sudden and unexpected” and the reason for the switch is currently unclear, although it is believed that the underwhelming success of Destruction AllStars is to blame. In the meantime, Lucid Games continues to work on their free-to-play vehicular combat game and a major Destruction AllStars update is due to arrive later this month.

In other news, the Nova Pink and Starlight Blue DualSense controllers are now available for pre-order ahead of their release later this month. Elsewhere, Red Dead Online fans have voiced their concerns over the lack of DLC when compared to the major updates released for Grand Theft Auto Online.

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