Red Dead Online DLC

Red Dead Redemption 2 Fans Angry at Lack of Online DLC

After what Red Dead Online fans saw as yet another sign of laziness from Rockstar Games, they are now taking to Twitter with the #SaveRedDeadOnline hashtag to criticize the game’s lack of DLC content. Specifically, fans are asking why the developer is only releasing bonus events for existing game modes in Red Dead Online, while older games such as GTA 5 continue to receive frequent content and even story updates.

Why is ‘Save Red Dead Online’ trending?

A press release on the official Rockstar Games website resulted in the hashtag circulating online. Starting January, Rockstar announced that it would provide bonus XP and Gold Bars to a variety of existing game modes. It also said it would discount existing cosmetics, but did not provide any details on additional content. This essentially means that Red Dead Online will go almost half a year without any new game modes, missions, or stories. While the game did receive a fair few updates back in 2020, the last major one was the Blood Money update back in July 2021.

This, as many fans pointed out, stood in stark contrast to another heavy-hitter online franchise under Rockstar’s belt: GTA Online. Just last month, the game received a massive story update featuring the return of Franklin as well as popular rapper and producer Dr. Dre. This inspired a great deal of backlash online, with a number of users tweeting for Rockstar to put its focus on Red Dead Online:

Since then, thousands of tweets have appeared with the #SaveRedDeadOnline hashtag. Many are fans reminding Rockstar that there is still a dedicated community that loves the game. Others are fans who are expressing disappointment and feelings of being left out. Only time will tell whether Rockstar decides to respond to these criticisms.

In other news, a PlayStation State of Play presentation is rumored for next month. The Battlefield 2042 subreddit was also locked down due to toxicity among its community.

[Source: PushSquare]