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Battlefield 2042 Subreddit Threatened With Lockdown Due to Toxicity, Dev Responds

A month after the Halo subreddit got locked down due to toxicity, Battlefield 2042 subreddit is about to get the same treatment due to flaring tempers. Moderators have asked players to tone things down and cease insults, harassments, and threats after a now-deleted tweet by Electronic Arts’ director of communications, Andy McNamara, invoked backlash.

Battlefield 2042 subreddit reacted to DICE’s lack of communication

Following Battlefield 2042‘s final update of 2021, DICE understandably unplugged as its developers went on Christmas and New Year’s break. Upon returning, McNamara complained that Reddit and Twitter were full of angry players who expected developers to work over the holiday. He also said that players’ expectations are “brutal” and the things they’re demanding take time to implement.

For some reason, McNamara’s tweets angered Battlefield 2042 subreddit users, who started flinging insults and threats towards developers as well as fellow users. Seeing the backlash, McNamara deleted his tweets and apologized for not being clear in his messaging. However, the toxicity got out of hand and Reddit moderators had to step in.

Why Battlefield 2042 subreddit matters

Gaming subreddits, which have largely replaced forums, have become very popular in recent years and are often a “go-to” place for developers to communicate with fans and gather player feedback. Reddit is also home to “Ask Me Anything” where developers have live and candid conversations with fans. As a result, this has become an important platform for development studios and any kind of toxicity deeply harms communication efforts.

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[Source: Reddit via MP1st]