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Dying Light 2 Full Completion Will Take 500 Hours

Techland took to Twitter over the weekend to claim that it’ll take players roughly 500 hours to fully complete Dying Light 2: Stay Human. The developer gushed that this is equivalent to taking a walk from Warsaw, Poland to Madrid, Spain, but ended up receiving mixed reactions. While some players welcomed Dying Light 2‘s length, others said it discouraged them from purchasing the game.

Dying Light 2 length: how long will the campaign take?

Techland didn’t provide an estimate for Dying Light 2 campaign’s length, but in response to some of the negative reactions to its tweet, the developer said that those who simply want to finish the story alongside exploring the world and doing a couple of side quests will be able to do is in less than a hundred hours.

“500 hours is related to maxing out the game – finishing all the quests, endings, and exploring every part of the world, but a regular player should finish the story + side quests and do quite a lot of exploring in less than 100 hours, so don’t worry!” Techland wrote in a subsequent tweet.

Opinion: Dying Light 2 length isn’t exactly a selling point

Zarmena writes… The obsession with making games lengthier than ever before has resulted in a lot of studios prioritizing quantity over quality in recent years and it seriously needs to stop. Hundreds of hours sounds like an overkill for those of us pressed for time, and this kind of length is especially an automatic “Hell No!” Here’s hoping that those who do jump into Dying Light 2 find the completionist run worth their time.

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