Destruction AllStars Delayed

PS5-Exclusive Destruction AllStars Is Getting Quite a Few Key Changes in January 2022

Lucid Games‘ PlayStation 5-exclusive Destruction AllStars had quite a rocky launch but you’ll be pleased to note that the game is still alive and kicking. In fact, it has enough of a dedicated community to warrant quite a number of changes to the gameplay experience in January 2022.

In a lengthy Reddit post, Lucid Games said that while it doesn’t have any in-game festivities planned for the prime holiday season, it’ll release a big patch next month that’ll change the look of Destruction AllStars‘ menu and UI, making it more user-friendly. The gameplay itself will also get visual changes because “certain actions lacked clarity or could get lost in busier moments on screen.” The HUD is being revamped, visual effects are being changed to make things more visible and easier to understand, and “some things” are being toned down to avoid a clutter.

Post-match screens are being updated to display total XP earned and a quick breakdown of where the XP came from. In addition to this (and a lot more) the Wreckognition system will be changed “substantially.” More details about the new Wreckognition system will be revealed in due course, but you can expect changes to the way you earn your Hero Vehicle and AllStar Breaker.

Any of our readers still playing Destruction AllStars?

[Source: Reddit]