Horror Game “White Day” Announced for PlayStation VR, List of Korean Devs Working on PS4 Games Released

In case you didn’t know, Sony hosted a PlayStation press conference in Korea just a few days ago. While not a lot of megatons were dropped, there’s still an announcement or two worth mentioning.

One of these announcements is Korean developer Roi Games’ “White Day: A Labyrinth Named School.” Billed as a “romantic horror adventure game,” White Day will use PlayStation VR, You can check out the official trailer above.

In addition to that, Sony Computer Entertainment Korea made a sizzle reel of upcoming PS4 games being developed by Korean studios. You can also check out the list of Korean studios making PS4 games below as well.

  • 21c.Ducks – Racers: Dirt, Timing Hero
  • Bicore – HeroHeartsZero
  • Blueside – Kingdom Under Fire II
  • Buff Studio – Buff Knight Advanced
  • Cyberfront Korea – Starry Knights
  • Dotomchi Games – Heroes of Fortune
  • Drool – Thumper
  • Joycity – 3-on-3 Freestyle
  • Nestoss – James`s Legacy: The Prologue
  • Next Floor – Kido: Ride on Time (Trailer)
  • Nimble Games – Nimble Birds
  • NLabSoft – Blade Warrior
  • Okidoki Games – Lift Car
  • Park ESM – Operation7: Revolution (Trailer)
  • QuattroGear – Black Witchcraft
  • ROI Games – White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (PlayStation VR, Trailer)
  • Skonec Entertainment – Mortal Blitz VR (PlayStation VR)
  • Smilegate Megaport – Quarre: The Magic Library (Trailer)
  • Somi – Retsnom (also on PS Vita)
  • Studio HG – Smashing the Battle (Trailer)
  • Summergrass, Inc. – Mike & Milkbox
  • THEM Corporation – The Onion Knights
  • Xiness – Ender of Fire

It’s definitely a good sign that more Asian studios outside of Japan are making PS4 games. Let’s hope that they can offer new experiences to complement the AAA games we normally get.

[Source: Gematsu]