Celebrate White Day’s European Release with DLC

White Day: A Labyrinth Called School is releasing on the PlayStation 4 in Europe today, and PCube wanted to celebrate with some DLC. Swimsuit DLC, in fact… for this horror game. There’s also a Horror Costume DLC pack, and a BlazBlue DLC pack. It’s certainly something!

There’s even a trailer for the swimsuit DLC, with coveted boob physics:

Once you’re done watching that, I’d recommend reading our recent White Day review to learn more about what this Korean horror game is actually about:

While some horror games try to scare you with grotesque visuals, oftentimes the scariest games include things which you can only hear, but cannot see. White Day does a fantastic job at providing a nonstop feed of unsettling noises. Playing with a good set of headphones or surround sound at high volume is recommended for full effect. Walking up to a keypad, only to hear someone (or something) knocking at the window behind you, when you’re already on alert for a homicidal janitor is unnerving the first time it happens, and even when you know it’s coming. Hiding in the dark is a valid way to stay safe, but is fraught with its own psychological challenges – you’ll hear voices come and go, and the soundtrack ramps up the tense music whenever danger is nearby.

In White Day, you play as Lee Hui-min, a new transfer student to a high school in Korea. Your crush accidentally left her diary behind, so you use that as an excuse to sneak onto campus after hours in order to return the diary and perhaps leave a gift for the annual celebration of White Day, a holiday in which men give gifts (usually of chocolate) to women as a show of affection, one month after Valentine’s Day in which the reverse occurs. Naturally, this being a horror game, all is not as it seems in the high school, and before long Lee is sent running from a crazed janitor who is apparently nice during the day and homicidal at night. Isn’t that nice of him to wait until the sun goes down?!

Will you be picking up any DLC for White Day?