N++ Developer Hopes to Include It as a PlayStation Plus Free Game, Sony Hasn’t Approached Them Yet

When Metanet Software first revealed the price of N++ on PlayStation 4 (our review), complete with a PlayStation Plus launch discount, they said sales would be a rarity and the cost would actually be raised after a big content update.

In a new blog post, Metanet says their stance of not putting N++ on sale has resulted in them alienating a sizable portion of the audience. So, since they want as many people to play the game as possible, they will be “participating in a couple of promotional discounts in the future after all.”

Replying to a user who suggested a big PlayStation Plus discount, Metanet revealed that they hope to include N++ in the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection one day:

We’re hoping to see N++ as a PS+ monthly game at some point, but currently the Sony Store team hasn’t approached us about it; their tastes and strategies change, so we’re hoping that eventually it will make sense for them to offer us a PS+ deal — maybe later once the game has been out for a while

Elsewhere, they talked about the highs and lows of N++, saying, “It’s a great game that is close to what we wanted to make when we set out on this journey. We’re so happy with how well the game has been received by critics and fans; there have been a lot of positive reviews, and it’s been amazing hearing from players who really enjoy what we tried to do.”

On the negative side though, there are several bugs in the game, including a “severe (thankfully, rare) savegame-corrupting bug.” Additionally, while it’s not a bug, no one’s unlocked the Platinum Trophy by beating all of the levels (including Co-op and Race). All of these issues will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

For the future of N++, things have been delayed with the departure of Shawn, the programmer. Metanet is working with him on the patch, “but his time is very limited.” While this has slowed their post-launch plans somewhat, Metanet is confident they’ll find someone to continue programming work as they prepare new content and features, as well as a Steam release.

Would you like to see N++ in the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection?

[Source: Metanet Software]