N++ and Its 2,360 Levels are Coming to PS4 on July 28, Check out the New Trailer

Boasting 2,360 levels, Metanet Software has announced that N++ is releasing for the PlayStation 4 on July 28 in North America and July 29 in Europe.

Priced at $19.99, PlayStation Plus members in North America can save 20% by pre-ordering, while those in Europe can save 20% by buying it within two weeks after launch. Saying that “this kind of discount will not be happening much,” Metanet Co-Founder Mare Sheppard added, “Actually we’ll be raising the price when the first big update comes out (it will effectively double the size of the game). More info on that soon.”

Calling N++ “the masterpiece we set out to make,” Sheppard talked about the game’s features, which includes a built-in level editor. All levels made by players, as well as all 2,360 levels in the game, include highscore leaderboards with replays.

Sheppard continued by discussing the Beta and how it helped development:

The purpose of the Beta was to help us test the massively complex server-backend component to N++, which will allow you to share your levels with every other N++ player on PS4 throughout the world, and also to view replays of people playing your levels. It’s a good thing we tested it, because there were a lot of issues we’ve now fixed so that when N++ launches (On July 28th! Yay!), everything works perfectly. As an added bonus, you’ll get to play all the levels people made during the Beta!

We also streamlined the UI, tweaked the graphics and added lots of polish. Beta players had great feedback, and it was really helpful to see how people approach the game. We were especially happy to hear only positive feedback on the way the game feels to play, which is something we’ve spent the last ten years very finely tuning. All in all, the Beta helped us make N++ even better, and it’s almost time for you to see what we mean!

If you’re hoping for a PlayStation Vita version of N++, Sheppard said, “The good news is, if it sells well enough on PS4, we hope to be able to port N++ to Vita — we love the Vita and think it would be awesome to play N++ on it!”

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