The Round-Up – PlayStation News Recap (July 17–23)

As always, it’s been a busy week filled with news, features and reviews over at PlayStation LifeStyle. In order to help our readers make sure they didn’t miss anything huge, we’ve created The Round-Up. It’s a weekly look at what has happened on the site, and will get you all caught up on the latest PlayStation news!

We’re doing it in a slightly different style than previous weeks, so let us know in the comments if you enjoyed it.





  • If you’re like me and sick of nearly every game revolving around violence, then you’ll want to check out Yonder. Chandler Wood reviewed this gorgeous looking PS4 game that offered up a lot of surprises.
  • RPG fans got a double dose of role-playing goodness this week in the form of Fallen Legion. I reviewed both the PS4 version, Sins of an Empire, and the Vita release, Flames of Rebellion, which both offer different sides to the same story.
  • Blake Grundman got to check out Black the Fall, and while he enjoyed the 2.5D puzzle-platformer, he felt that there were too many “interesting concepts that [were] executed poorly” to truly recommend it.
  • Chandler got to put on his PlayStation VR headset and pilot a mech in Archangel, which I’m very jealous about. It seems to be a really great game, so check it out if you’ve already spent $400 on a headset.
  • Our own Paulmichael Contreras really dug the strategy RPG Children of Zodiarcs. In his review he calls it “a bargain at $17.99,” and says there’s “plenty of content to sink your teeth into.”
  • Finally, I got to play both SUPERHOT and SUPERHOT VR again. They’re both still fantastic games, but SUPERHOT VR requires more precision than PSVR can regularly handle.

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What’s Coming Next Week:

  • The 411 on the lastest releases, including: Fortnite, Tiny Trax, SunderedAven Colony, Infinite Minigolf, Pyre, Super Cloudbuilt, Collar X Malice and Theseus.
  • A look at the best RPGs on the PlayStation Vita.
  • Find out how the staff all began writing about video games.
  • Even more Destiny 2 beta impressions as Chandler and Tyler square-off.

What was your weekly highlight? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check back next Sunday for all the PlayStation news you may have missed in the Round-Up!