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Tetsuya Nomura Says Kingdom Hearts III Development Delays Were Beyond His Control

During a group interview following Disney’s D23 event this past weekend, Kingdom Hearts III director Tetsuya Nomura explained why the game’s development was hit by several delays. Speaking through a translator, he revealed that the decision to switch to Unreal Engine 4 wasn’t his, and that Square Enix ran into issues with its resources.

A lot of people have been mentioning and making it sound like ‘Oh, Nomura’s taking too much time,’ and it hurts. There was a decision made to change to an external [engine]…Unreal Engine 4. So we switched over to that. Unfortunately there was a bit of time that needed to be rewinded and started over. So there was a bit of a setback there, but it was a decision that the company had to make, so it was inevitable.

Nomura stressed that the delays were beyond his control and that they can’t be attributed to the development team’s decisions. Additionally, due to multiple ongoing projects, Square Enix’s resources were stretched thin. “The company makes the decisions, so unfortunately sometimes it is out of my control,” he reiterated.

Kingdom Hearts III is currently scheduled for release sometime in 2018.

You can check out the full interview below.

[Source: GameSpot]