PSLS Help Desk – How to Unlock All Destiny 2 Beta Exotics

Destiny 2 is nearly upon us and this week the beta is giving everyone a small glimpse of the final game with a story mission, a cooperative strike, and two competitive modes. This week’s Help Desk is going to help you get your hands on every exotic available in the Destiny 2 Beta so you can try them out before the game launches on September 6th. Exotic weapons are the game’s best guns, usually having special perks or abilities that standard weapons do not.

There are three exotic weapons in the Destiny 2 Beta, and each can be obtained by completing the story mission with each of the three classes, Warlock, Titan, and Hunter. About a third of the way through the story mission after selecting your character class you will meet up with Shaxx. He’ll pry open the door to his armory and allow you to pick up a weapon. The weapon you pick up will be one of the three exotic guns, dependent on which class you selected.

Titans get access to Sweet Business, the exotic auto rifle that acts as a gatling gun. Holding the trigger on this gun will automatically load up the magazine with any ammo that you walk over, so you can continue to fire without reloading.

Destiny 2 sweet business

Hunters will obtain the Sunshot hand cannon. This gun has explosive rounds, highlights your targets, and causes targets to explode with solar energy.

Destiny 2 sunshot

Warlocks are granted Riskrunner, which is part of the new submachine gun category. Taking arc damage while wielding this weapon will increase its power as well as granting a chance to chain lightning damage and return ammo to the clip.

destiny 2 riskrunner

You will not be able to move the weapons between classes in the beta, so if you want to use a particular weapon, you will have to play with the corresponding class. It’s unlikely we’ll be handed an exotic that easily in the final game though, so enjoy using them while you can. Which of the new Destiny 2 Beta exotics is your favorite so far? If you could create your own Destiny exotic weapon, what would it be?


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