The Controller People Review Custom PS4 Controller

Our hunt for the perfect custom PS4 controller continues with this, a rather standard looking pad from The Controller People. Whereas in previous reviews we’ve looked at controllers that sport all sorts of bells and whistles, this time around we’re focusing on a more subtle design.

I should quickly mention here that you can get fancy colors and swap about the black buttons for red or blue and whatnot, and it is something that The Controller People offer, but we decided to go for a more stealthy style.

So the front of our pad is the standard new DualShock 4 face, with some additionally grippy analog sticks, while on the rear you’ve got the S.S.T. trigger stops, and the ClickSticks.

Grippy thumbsticks mean fewer slip-ups: literally for your thumbs, and virtually in the game you’re playing. S.S.T trigger stops prevent the trigger from bottoming out, meaning a quicker reset time and faster input rate. Basically, it means you can fire rapidly. Then there’s the main attraction: the ClickSticks.

As their official description states: “ClickSticks are extra buttons which are remapped to the back of your PS4 controller.”

The Controller People_0000_Layer 3

We’ve seen our fair share of paddles attached to the rear, but this time The Controller People have chosen little triggers, or if you prefer, studs. These are positioned near to where your middle fingers naturally rest, making them easy to push and comfortable to use.

At first, I was a little concerned with how easy-to-activate they are. However, after spending a good 20-30 hours playing Call of Duty, DOOM, and now Destiny 2, I can say they’ve held up very well. There’s no sign of wear at all, and they didn’t skip a beat while playing.

The left ClickStick is mapped to “X,” while the right is mapped to “O.” This means I can jump around like a lunatic while aiming and firing my weapon, and if anyone gets in my face, a quick melee attack is always ready.

Playing without some form of button on the rear of my pad will never feel optimal. I need to be able to perform multiple actions, without resorting to an unhealthy claw grip technique.

The ClickSticks are a solid option, and I feel like they’d be especially great for those with smaller hands, who would perhaps struggle with larger pads like the SCUF Impact.


One other advantage this controller has over the SCUF Impact is the price tag. A custom PS4 pad armed with ClickSticks starts priced at £80, shipped within the UK. And in the US, you’ll be looking at $110, delivered.

The “Send In Service” is also worth a look, as it allows you to ship The Controller People a pad you already own, and have that pimped out at a significant discount.

If you’re interested in this controller, do remember that just because we went for a stealthy black design, doesn’t mean you have to. There’s a builder on the website that you can check out and go crazy with.

The Controller People custom PS4 controller review unit was provided to PlayStation LifeStyle by The Controller People. You can find our Review Policy here. 

You can learn more about the Controller People by watching our 60 Second feature or by visiting The Controller People’s website.