Crystal Dynamics Open to Legacy of Kain PS4 Revival, Says There’s “50/50 Chance”

On the eve of Rise of the Tomb Raider‘s Xbox launch, developer Crystal Dynamics has weighed up the possibility of reviving another of its classic franchises: The Legacy of Kain.

In an interview with Finder (via GameSpot), Senior Designer Michael Brinker revealed that there is currently a “50/50” chance of the dormant IP returning for PS4, Xbox One and PC. 

It’s a 50/50 chance. We have in-house developers who really want to make that game. It’s interesting because people look back at our history and our franchises and see that we have some really iconic IPs. So gamers wonder ‘Where are they and what are they doing?’ Well, we’re always tossing around and talking about ideas. It really is 50/50.

Currently, Crystal’s parent company Square Enix hold the rights to The Legacy of Kain, though there hasn’t been a fully-fledged entry into the series since Defiance in 2003. 

More than a decade later, interest in the franchise continues to tick over through Nosgoth, the free-to-play multiplayer title that entered beta earlier this year. While the memorable faces of Raziel and Kain feature as downloadable extras in the studio’s isometric spinoff, Tomb Raider: Guardian of Light.

[Source: Finder]