Fallout 4 Infinite Money Glitch Discovered

Sure to be fixed by Bethesda is an upcoming update, players have discovered an infinite money (bottle cap) glitch in Fallout 4.

Working with multiple vendors in the game, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pick any ammo type the vendor is selling and buy the entire supply.
  2. While remaining in the deal (don’t finalize it at any point), go into your inventory and sell one of the ammo type you just bought.
  3. Sell the remaining ammo of that type. This causes a glitch that sees one unit of the ammo you bought remaining in your inventory.
  4. Repeat until the vendor is out of bottle caps.
  5. Wait 24 hours for the vendor’s bottle caps to replenish.

YouTube user PowerPyx explains how the glitch works in the above video, noting that everything was done on PlayStation 4 after installing patch 1.01.

If general tips are more your thing, Bethesda recently tweeted:

#Fallout4 Tip – To equip accessories on Dogmeat simply open up trade with him, select the item you want to equip and press Y/triangle/T.

Have you noticed any other interesting glitches while playing Fallout 4?

[Source: Eurogamer, IGN, Bethesda (Twitter)]