Harmonix Addresses Rock Band 4 DLC and Bundle Availability Issues in Europe

Harmonix has posted an update about Rock Band 4‘s DLC and bundle availability issues in the SCEE region. Thanking fans for being patient as the developer deals with post-launch issues, Product Manager Eric Pope addressed the most common questions and concerns over on the PlayStation Blog, which you can read below:

  • There are currently 431 songs with issues on PlayStation Store in the SCEE region.
  • We expected we’d be able to say “it’s fixed” a lot sooner than it has turned out to be.
  • While we’ve made progress on the North American (SCEA) side, we appreciate it may have been frustrating for players to see less movement on the SCEE side and this is due to slightly different technical processes across the stores.
  • Our DLC producers have been working very closely with their counterparts at SCEE all along to identify and solve problems in the submission and entitlement process as they come up.
  • The SCEE folks have outlined a solution which will resolve the lion’s share of marketplace issues in one bulk update. For some more in depth information, the development work behind the scenes to ensure that our existing PS3 content is transferred across to PS4 is significant and there are many variables that need to be checked and built into the development cycle.
  • SCEE is already well underway with the process and targeting early December for release for the content to be updated in the Store.
  • We’ll communicate any further information as it comes up
  • As always, please continue to report any issues you come across with specific tracks as you find them!

For those who are having trouble finding Rock Band 4 in their local stores, it’s because the hardware bundles were available in limited quantity worldwide. Seems like demand was higher than expected as Harmonix has said that it’ll continue to have limited stock for the rest of the year, with more coming in 2016. In the meantime, you can either download the game through the PlayStation Store, or grab the hardware bundles from one of the following retailers who actually have them in stock:

  • Amazon UK
  • Argos UK
  • Amazon DE
  • GameStop Germany
  • GameStop Nordics
  • Micromania France
  • FNAC France

We hope this addresses some of your concerns, but we’ll continue to share any developments with our readers.

[Source: PlayStation]