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Hideki Kamiya Asks Fans to Choose Between a Sequel to Devil May Cry, Okami or Viewtiful Joe

PlatinumGames founder and lead designer Hideki Kamiya recently hosted a straw poll via Twitter to gauge interest in three dormant franchises: Devil May Cry, Okami and Viewtiful Joe.  

Taking to Twitter, Kamiya hosted two separate polls, with the first pitting DMC and Okami against one another, while Okami and side-scrolling actioner Viewtiful Joe featured in the second.

It’s unclear whether anything will come of this fan interaction, though the results are pretty interesting nonetheless. After casting our vote into the proverbial hat, the results between DMC and Okami were 62-38 per cent in Okami‘s favor at the time of writing. On the other hand, the standings currently have Okami blazing ahead of a Viewtiful Joe sequel with 64-36 per cent with over 8,000 votes cast. 

Okami has quickly emerged as an early frontrunner in Kamiya’s straw poll, but of the three, which franchise would you most like to see make a return?

[Source: Twitter]