4 More Odin Sphere “Action” Trailers

These new “action trailers” show Odin Sphere‘s characters in — wait for it — action! Above, you’ve got Velvet. I put her up there because she looks good in red — like me! Oh and here’s Oswald’s action trailer:

And now cor Cornelius. I mean for Cornelius. Fuck, I can’t type. Okay let’s pretend that “cor Cornelius” was me being like a DJ with his name. He’s the man, the rabbit, the legend, Cor-Cor-Corneeeeelius:

Mercedes is more of a fairy than a car:

PS2 action RPG Odin Sphere is being remade for PS4, PS3, and Vita under than name Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir, which I’m surprised I can consistently spell. It’s coming out in Japan this January, and later in 2016 to North America. Gwendolyn’s action trailer was posted here, and before that, my own hands-on impression from the Tokyo Game Show went up here.