PSN Store Weekly Deals Top Picks – December 1 – December 8 2015

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’d be forgiven for shying away from another raft of offers, but Sony’s latest PlayStation Store sale has arrived and it’s time to select our recommendations.  

Brimming with Disney titles, Sony has rolled out a slew of franchise entries and licensed titles alike, and because the sale largely focuses on console games, we’ve cherry-picked Disney Infinity 3.0 and Split/Second. 

For the full rundown on each sale item, you can head on over to PlayStation Store. Keep in mind, though, all of these promotions will be valid right up until Tuesday, December 8 at approximately 9am PT/12pm ET.

What do you make of Sony’s latest sale? Leave your impressions using the comments or contact us directly via [email protected]

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