First Far Cry Primal Gameplay Roars Online

As promised, Ubisoft peeled back the curtain on the first gameplay trailer for its hotly-anticipated Far Cry Primal

Taking the company’s open-world juggernaut back to the stone age, tonight’s sizzle reel sheds light on some of the hunting mechanics to be featured in the game. Designed to be a fully-fledged title, Far Cry Primal will include all of the franchise mainstays such as that liberating sense of exploration and player freedom, though we’re excited to see just how it deviates from the formula. 

One way in which Primal is gunning for something new is through The Beast Master feature. Allowing players to control the beasts that wander the primordial landscape, here’s what Ubisoft had to share about the novel mechanic.

Beast Master, a new feature empowering players to tame predators they find in the open world and use them as weapons. From wolves to sabretooth tigers to cave bears, and yes, even the honey badger, players will be able to summon these animals at any moment and use them as they like, from taking down their enemy, scouting the area or acting as a distraction during battle and hunts. With these animals at the player’s side, there will be many opportunities to fight enemies to take back control of Oros.

Far Cry Primal is set to launch across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 23, 2016. For more on Ubisoft’s journey back to the stone age, check out our hands-on preview.