Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy & Other PS2 Games Trademarked by PlayStation Europe

Potentially giving us a look at the PlayStation 2 games Sony is bringing to PlayStation 4, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has trademarked a number of titles PS2 today.

Here’s the list, discovered by Gematsu:

These trademarks come less than a day after Sony leaked a video of Dark Cloud on PlayStation 4, saying that PS2 Classics and PS2 discs wouldn’t work on PS4 in the description.

As you might recall, War of the Monsters was one of the games leaked as part of the PS4’s 3.00 beta.

Earlier this year, PEGI rated Ape Escape 2, Dark Chronicle (Dark Cloud 2), and Twisted Metal: Black for PS4, but they weren’t trademarked today.

If more games are trademarked by PlayStation Europe, they’ll be available for viewing at the OHIM link below.

Do you think a PS2 games on PS4 announcement is all but assured for the PlayStation Experience keynote tomorrow?

[Source: OHIM via Gematsu]